EGR valve cleanup

Nov 5, 12 • Guides6 Comments
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Exhaust Gas Recycling is a device that brings part of the exhaust gases back into the engine admission. Depending on the mode of engine it’s about 50 percent of suction air. The reason is purely ecological. Fouled EGR leads to lower performance and excessive smoking. If you feel that your car is going slower than usual, just try to cleanup your EGR! A lot of mechanics want to make more earnings so they’ll probably offer you to change turbocharger, which is more expensive.

EGR is olted down with 5 screw-bolts and you must dismount damper rod.

Complete fotogallery of EGR valve cleanup

  • cleaned with toothbrush and SERVO shampoo



6 Responses to EGR valve cleanup

  1. Dhruv says:

    I have skoda octavia vrs 2004…..recently I feel theres alot of lag in the vehicles I have clocked 90000 kms got a decarb also done…
    Wat r the best spark plugs to be used
    Wats the timing belt change interval


  2. manish kataria says:

    Yesterday in my skoda laura meter display 2 nos of lights blinking 1 is coil type & 2nd is like engine image. & today i have droped my car at skoda authroize work shop for checking the problem..
    They told me the EGR of your car is not working..

    I dnt know how it will fail..

    Now they charge from me appx 45000/- 50000/-

    Its realy a big amount…
    After purchasing a skoda laura am very upset due to lot of maintaince charges..

    Pls help me…& reply me..what should i do…

  3. mohamed safy says:

    I have got a used Octavia car model 2003 recently imported from Germany.I found that final service at it,s service book that had happened at 145000 km,in April 2014. Now i read it,s km is 85000 . Pls explain what had happened. Is there some thing wrong?.How it,s gauge shown this km in-spite it,s last service at 145000 km at April 2014.

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